Features Of A Good Wardrobe

A good wardrobe is an investment. It should serve you well through all seasons, through all your new and old, trendy and classic outfits. A well-made wardrobe is made to last- it will stay in style season after season, year after year. The quality will ensure it is durable and attractive to look at. You won’t have to replace it very often, and the cost is worth it, considering your wardrobe will last years.

Five basic things that make an excellent wardrobe:

1. Storage.

You can’t have a good wardrobe without lots of storage. You need to know where to store all your things, what to store, and how should it be stored- in drawers or on hangers. An organized wardrobe means that everything you wear every day is easy to find and won’t be lost or mixed up with other things you never wear (don’t mix socks with stockings, for instance). Some people like hanging their clothes up on the wall. Others like storing them in a closet by hangers only.

2. Space:

The more space, the better. It’s essential to use the whole room (not just a single corner) for organizing your clothes. An overfilled or underfilled wardrobe can be a major problem if you are transitioning from one season to another or planning a new style. You will want more space than you think, but don’t get carried away. If you buy too much, then you won’t be able to use it all.

3. Appearance.

A good wardrobe should look good. Even if it’s a huge walk-in closet, your clothes shouldn’t be piled up in disarray. Everything should have a place, and that place should be pretty, organized, and clean. You should be proud to show off your wardrobe to your friends and family.

4. Functionality/comfortability.

Not all wardrobes are made equal. You need a wardrobe that is sturdy and durable but also comfortable for you to wear. A well-made wardrobe will offer ease of movement and will prevent you from getting hurt or tripping on things if you wear heels.

5. Style:

Your wardrobe should be timeless but trendy at the same time. It should be both classy yet casual and beautiful in a modern sense (think black leather pieces, slim skirts, dresses, etc.). In other words, it shouldn’t be too old or too new. A good wardrobe will always fit your style even if it is not the newest thing on the market in your favorite stores – that’s what separates a good wardrobe from an ordinary one.


You need a good wardrobe, and what makes it suitable is easy access to your things and its appearance. You need to maximize your space without losing too much of your money on unnecessary things. Everything should be clean, organized, and pretty- even if it’s just a simple closet. The trick to having a good wardrobe is knowing what makes one, what you can afford, and most importantly, creating one that lasts you years, so you don’t have to spend much on it.