Classy Dinnerware Sets That Will Up Your Entertaining Game

If you’re like me, one of the first things you do when you move into a new place is buy new dining ware to make your home feel like your own. I’ve gone through my fair share of dinnerware sets, and while they all have their perks, they also have cons. Check out this classy dinnerware set review below and see if these are the plates you’ve been looking for.

1. Costa Nova Pearl Dinnerware Collection

The first thing that caught my eye about this dinner set was the fact that it has a total of 16 pieces. Often times, dinnerware sets have either too few or too many dishes, but this one seemed to be perfect for a family of four. The unique design of white & champagne gold made it look like a very classy and elegant place setting.

2. Alfresco Melamine Dinnerware

When I saw this dinnerware set, I was immediately taken back by how durable the plates and bowls felt. It looks like it could take a beating and still look good. The aesthetic of the white with black made it look sleek, even when piled with food.

3. Gemma Dinnerware

The color of ‘black’ looked sleek and shiny, and the silver rim around the plates gave it a unique yet classy look. The best part is that you can get all four pieces in different shapes and sizes, including square, rectangular, round and oval.

4. Casafina Fontana Dinnerware Collection

As soon as I saw this dinnerware set, I knew it was the one. The simplicity of the white and bold color of the red made this dinnerware set stand out from all of its competitors. The fact that there were a total of 16 pieces made it even better.

5. Eleganza Italian Dinnerware Collection

If you’re a fan of red, then this is the dinnerware set for you. It features a beautiful red color with a silver rim, making it look very elegant. The size of the plates was perfect for holding all the food your family will be eating.

6. Stellata Italian Stoneware Dinnerware

In the same family as the Eleganza Italian Dinnerware Collection, the Stellata Italian Stoneware Dinnerware is another great choice. The dark brown color of this set makes it look very sophisticated, while the gold rim makes it a little bit more casual.

7. Costa Nova Beja Navy Dinnerware

This dinnerware set was a favorite of mine. The bold navy color that looks silver in the pictures made it look very classy and elegant. The shape of the plates and bowls meant that you could use them for both snacks and larger meals. You can get all four pieces in different shapes and sizes, including square, rectangular, round and oval.

Dinnerware sets are an essential part of every household. If you’re looking for a new dinnerware set that will look great for years to come, any one of these dinnerware sets would be a great addition to your kitchen.

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