10 Incredible Floor Lamps To Brighten Any Room

Whether it’s to give you reading space, brighten up a room, or just add flavor and an aesthetic to your home, floor lamps are an essential inclusion that everyone should consider getting. Below, the people at wayfair have brought a collection of 10 different floor lamps that pretty much every home could benefit from.

1. 62" Floor Lamp

Relatively simplistic in its look and design, this 62-inch floor lamp is LED compatible and operates on a 3-way switch just like those old school lamps your grandparents had. This is the perfect nostalgia trip for just about anyone looking for one.

2. Barbour 62" Arched Floor Lamp

If you’re looking to illuminate a special room in your home or office, this is the perfect option for you. Holding a classic arched floor look, this lamp is made from a black and iron finish while featuring a slim form, curved arm, and circular base.

3. Carleishia 72" Torchiere Floor Lamp

A bit of a giant in the lamp world, this 72-inch torchiere floor lamp can illuminate an entire room all by its lonesome. It is crafted from metal while coming with a matte finish alongside a rounded pedestal base for that extra bit of modern flair.

4. Mathers 60.5" Floor Lamp

Made from a fabric drum, this 60.5-inch floor lamp is meant to illuminate any place it is put in. The lamp comes with a rocker switch along with its fabric drum shade, which clearly harkens back to the old school 60s and 70s look.

5. Amandev 63" Column Floor Lamp

Available in an assortment of different colors, from standard Black and gray, to exotic options like Navy and Light Pink. This floor lamp is perfect for those that don’t have a ton of space to play with. Its manufactured wood design has an open frame along with three wood shelves to perfectly store anything of value.

6. Carlicia 71" Torchiere Floor Lamp

Great for bedrooms and foyers, this torchiere floor lam is crafted entirely of iron. It is both very charming while also including a marble-frosted glass that gives it that extra bit of class and refinement.

7. Senne 58" Column Floor Lamp

Works off a pull-chain design, this nearly 58-inch floor lamp doubles as a small cubby hideaway and storage facility for smaller things in your home. Its three shelves are all gorgeous inclusions that make this a lamp worth seriously considering.

8. Pulaski 79" Arched Floor Lamp

While it doesn’t include a set of bulbs, this 79-inch Pulaski arched floor lamp does just about everything right. It’s masterfully crafted while super easy to install and set up. It even includes a foot switch so you can cut it on with a tap of the foot.

9. 70" Led Torchiere Floor Lamp

If you’re looking to add a bit of life to your living room, this LED torchiere floor lamp can work wonders. Its all-in-one integrated LED floor lamp deign works for just about any lighting set up, whether it’s ambient, task, or accent.

10. Dwayne 68" Led Task/reading Floor Lamp

Great for those that want something that adds an ambient light for their reading, this floor lamp is perfect for your home library or office space. It is available in white, bronze, and silver grey and has a fully adjustable height, making it a great option for just about any use.

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