Benefits Of Somatosensory Game Console

Somatosensory game console is an innovative console that is designed to stimulate physical stimuli by transmitting vibrations. This game console was originally developed by Game Freak, the creators of Pokemon series, and the Nintendo Company Limited – a famous multinational company for their gaming consoles.

Benefits of Somatosensory game console

1. The console is able to stimulate physical game experience

Unlike other gaming consoles, Somatosensory game console is designed for physical stimulation, providing diverse experiences for players. With this game console, players are able to control the intensity of “vibration” that they want in each situation.

2. The console is designed for environment-friendly energy consumption.

Unlike other gaming consoles that consume a lot of electricity in order to run the games, Somatosensory game console only needs a battery in order to run the games. As a result, it contributes less pollution towards the environment – an issue which many people nowadays have started considering more seriously.

3. The console has multimedia functions that help to enhance the game experience.

This game console comes with a variety of multimedia options that are able to make the games even more entertaining, such as sound effects and background music – all of which help improve the visual and auditory sensations during gameplay. This feature helps players to become more emotionally involved with each game they play on this console.

4. The console can be adapted for use in both digital and physical environments.

Somatosensory game console is designed for digital use, but it can also be used in physical environments when coupled with a simple vibration platform, such as the one used by Dr. Mario which is commercially available from Nintendo.

5. The game console is designed for older audiences since it is played with a standard controller.

Somatosensory game console can be used by people of all ages since it only uses a standard controller, even those with diminished motor skills or disabilities. This makes this gaming console ideal not just for children, but also for the elderly to enhance their physical abilities.

6. The console is designed to help players develop their hand-to-eye coordination.

Unlike other gaming consoles that have their own motion detection ability, Somatosensory game console uses a standard controller in order to make it more adaptable for those with diminished motor skills or disabilities. This design feature helps the game console to not only be more enjoyable, but also allows players to develop their hand-to-eye coordination as well.