Best Homemade Decorations

Sometimes you just need something a little different and extra special to liven up your home or to make a present for someone who deserves something more thoughtful, original, and personal.

This post will provide you with 6 handmade decorative items that are all perfect for those occasions because they combine creativity and the love of making with practicality.

1. Mini book with a hidden gem on the back:

This little Book is not only a great décor accessory but also a valuable piece of functional art because it hides a secret compartment in the back. The owner of the Book opens it and finds two little keys; while looking at the secret compartment, they are amazed at the tiny gems and sapphires that appear to be glittering on a solid black background. The set of both keys is then auctioned, and every single purchase benefits local charitable causes in the area.

2. The miniature lamp:

This lamp is like a work of art, the miniaturizes and scatters the inside of a building, creating an image that makes it look twice as large as it really is. The miniature lamp can be used to decorate any room with a minimalist vibe or with inspiration from art deco.

3. The tiny storage box:

Imagine the magical moment when you find out that something this cute and tiny, can also be useful. The tiny storage box is a beautiful gift that you can give any time, whether it is Christmas, Birthdays or any other occasion. Hidden inside the secret compartment are papers with personalized messages written on them, which makes the recipient smile because they are hidden from prying eyes. This way you can surprise those who are very special to you, whenever you want and with whatever message.

4. The secret hiding place:

This piece of art is perfect for people who want to keep something hidden and away from prying eyes. The secret hiding place is placed on a desk, and when the drawer opens, the little figurine appears to be smiling because you have found her treasure. The figurine is placed in the central part of a little nest made of wood and cotton with flowers, jute, and pearls attached. The central part is opened with a magnet that can hold five pictures or photos of your choice, telling the story of your choice and keeping you happy forever.

5. The miniature artwork:

This piece of art is perfect for those who love to decorate walls because it will look like a large picture hanging on the wall, but in reality, being quite small. The miniature artwork is attached with a magnet, and when the magnet is pulled away, it becomes free floating. You can place this small picture anywhere you like so that you get a fantastic result from a non-expensive décor accessory.

6. The Miniature Fireplace:

This beautiful décor set gives one of the best illusionary effects by making you think that you have the fireplace in an ordinary fireplace. It provides home luxury by adding heat to your room with the help of your own personal space heater. It is a beautiful décor piece that can be placed anywhere in the house, and it is so realistic you will believe that you are in front of a real fireplace.


For those who want something a little different and extra special, there are plenty of great suggestions out there that will help make your next home décor better.

This list is not all-inclusive, but it should be enough to help you decide which item for your home you should choose. Most of the items presented here will help you make an impression by using something unusual and unique. This way, you are sure to make your home a place where all those who receive it will want to come again.